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Belleville IL Criminal Defense Lawyer says… the prisons are full of people who thought they could talk their way out of it.

Allow me to repeat myself here: the prisons are full of people who thought they could talk their way out of it. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!!! Here’s a valuable piece of free advice that’s worth more than gold: if and when you find yourself questioned by police, even if you haven’t been arrested, DON’T TALK!!! You cannot do yourself any good by talking, and you almost certainly will do yourself some serious harm. In fact, you might very well talk yourself into the penitentiary.

One or two careless words may be all it takes, so DON’T TALK!!! Instead, give me a call. I’m a criminal defense lawyer in Belleville IL. I’ll do your talking for you. Don’t listen to what the police tell you. The United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Illinois guarantee you the ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Use that right!

Here’s another important thing to remember: if arrested, you must be allowed to make a reasonable number of phone calls. Use that first call and call now! I’m a Belleville IL criminal defense attorney. I will defend you and protect your rights if you are arrested.

Call and discuss payment arrangements and bond assignments. I have helped others get released from jail and I’ll fight to do the same for you. Jail is not a healthy place. You’re separated from your loved ones. Not only that, you might lose your job. I can help get you released from jail on your own recognizance (“recogged”) or get your bond lowered. Besides getting you released from jail, I will defend you both in and out of court.

If the police ask you to take a polygraph (lie detector) exam, DON’T DO IT!! You have the absolute right to refuse and you SHOULD refuse! The law bars polygraph results from being used in evidence because the courts have ruled that polygraph tests are unreliable. Polygraph tests cannot be used against you in court because they are untrustworthy and are viewed by many experts to be JUNK SCIENCE! You will never do yourself any good by getting wired up to a polygraph, and by taking a polygraph you may be buying yourself an extended stay with the Illinois Department of Corrections. Here’s why.

Police use the lie detector as a TOOL OF DECEPTION! A polygraph exam is simply an underhanded means of conducting an extended police interview with you—an interview you have every right to refuse and should refuse. When the polygraph exam is over, it’s perfectly legal for the examiner to lie to you and tell you you’ve FAILED the exam, even if you actually passed it with flying colors! What they are hoping is that you’ll break down and confess after being told you failed their polygraph. The best way of avoiding this result is: DON’T TAKE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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