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Child Custody Disputes

The most emotionally wrenching experiences imaginable! Nobody asks for a child custody dispute. One thing’s for sure, though. What is it? Only this: if you’re in a child custody dispute, you need a good lawyer. You need a Belleville IL Child Custody Lawyer. Child custody disputes are not “do-it-yourself” projects. A court of law can take your child away from you with one stroke of the pen. That’s why it’s vital that you have a capable attorney. You need a seasoned and experienced professional. You need an attorney who’ll aggressively protect your rights. You need a Belleville IL child custody lawyer.

Don’t try to be your own lawyer!

Too many people make the mistake. What is it? They show up for court believing that they can safely represent themselves in a child custody dispute. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Would you feel comfortable removing your own child’s appendix? Of course not! You’re not a surgeon. You would never fool around when your child’s life and health are at stake. Then why on earth would anyone be foolish enough to act as his or her own lawyer in a child custody case? What’s more important to you than your child’s happiness, safety and protection? Do the SMART thing, the RIGHT thing for the sake of your child: Hire Attorney Gary Wangler: a Belleville Il child custody lawyer.

I’ve seen average, well-meaning people representing themselves in court without benefit of legal counsel, and it is all too often a pitiable sight. I cringe every time I see a person take on a child custody battle without a lawyer. I shudder as I watch that person commit serious errors in courtroom proceedings. These common blunders are sure to have a devastating impact on a child’s future.

Hire a Belleville IL Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Gary Wangler is an experienced professional.

We all have our particular areas of skill and knowledge. The average person confronted with a child custody dispute cannot be expected to have the advanced education and training, not to mention the years of experience a seasoned lawyer brings to the courtroom. Nevertheless, some folks try to go it alone. Don’t be one of them! You may think your case is simple. You may believe that what you blurt out under pressure in court is harmless. It may seem harmless to you as a lay person. But under pressure from opposing counsel and the judge, things can suddenly go terribly wrong without warning. One tiny mistake by you can suddenly turn into a blunder serious enough to cost you the custody of your child. Losing a child is too high a price for anyone to pay! That’s why you should hire a Belleville IL attorney for child custody disputes.

Don’t gamble with your own child’s future. Hire a lawyer before it’s too late!

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